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3 Benefits of hiring an Irvine, CA workers’ comp lawyer
June 20, 2022 at 11:00 PM
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You deserve to be safe from injuries and illness at work. But accidents can happen, sometimes causing injuries that need medical care and limit your ability to work, sometimes permanently. Not being able to return to work the next day when something goes wrong is scary. That’s why there are workers’ compensation laws to protect employees against the expense of taking care of themselves when something goes wrong. If you’re hurt, even if you don’t think the injury is bad, there are benefits to contacting a workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible.

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Learn if you’re eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

Workers’ compensation laws differ significantly from state to state. It can feel impossible to sort through the eligibility requirements after you get hurt at work. Don’t risk making a mistake with your claim or relying on workers’ comp when you’re not eligible, especially when you’re unable to work.

A workers’ comp lawyer can quickly evaluate the circumstances surrounding your injury and provide clear insight into your eligibility for benefits. They can also help you submit your claim accurately so there won’t be a delay in getting the funds you need for doctors and your bills.

Ensure you’re getting all the benefits you’re eligible to receive.

When you submit your claim for workers’ compensation, you want to know exactly what claims to make and how much. Especially after you’re hurt, it can be hard to know how long you’ll be out of work and how much medical care you might need.

A workers’ comp lawyer has years of experience negotiating claims and understanding the full range of benefits a client is entitled to receive. When you speak with an attorney as soon as you’re hurt, they can help you apply for:

  • Medical benefits: get resources for medical care and ongoing physical therapy.
  • Permanent disability benefits: many individuals don’t ever recover from their work injury, requiring lifelong disability benefits.
  • Temporary disability benefits: even a short time away from work can cause serious financial stress for hurt individuals. A lawyer can help you secure temporary benefits.
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits: get resources for retraining to find a new path back to the workforce after your injury.

Only an attorney can evaluate your claim and identify all the benefits that you may qualify to receive. The earlier you speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer, the sooner you can get the help you need for your medical bills.


Get an expert advocate to deal with the insurance company.

Your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance to protect them against fraudulent claims and negotiate claim settlements. Insurance companies have skilled negotiators whose job is to minimize the payment they offer employees who are hurt at work.

Negotiate with the insurance company on your own or simply accept what they offer as a settlement, and you might not get everything you need to recover from your injury. A workers’ comp lawyer is an expert negotiator used to working with insurance companies and securing equitable settlements.

Schedule a consultation with Mishra X Trial Lawyers to learn how a workers’ comp lawyer can benefit you.

The attorney with Mishra X Trial Lawyers brings clients almost two decades of trial experience. When dealing with a contentious workers’ compensation claim, there’s nothing like having an experienced trial lawyer at your side. We’re dedicated to getting above-market claims for our clients. You can stop stressing about what will happen to your claim and whether you’ll be able to pay your bills when you have a tenacious advocate at your side. Mishra X Trial Lawyers won’t stop until we know we’ve done everything possible for our clients.

You’re entitled to compensation for medical care and lost wages when you get hurt or sick at work. Learn more when you meet with Mishra X workers’ comp lawyers.