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Why workers' compensation legal representation matters
April 26, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Worker's compensation legal representation in Southern California is your best bet to get what you're owed!

Workplace injuries irreversibly alter your relationship with your employer. Regardless of your relationship before the injury, workers' compensation legal representation in Southern California is imperative. Too often, workers emerge horribly injured and under-compensated. However, Mishra X Trial Lawyers’ experience sets it apart. We spent years defending against workers' compensation claims, so we’re always a step ahead of the opposition.

Here is why you need a workers' compensation lawyer:

It’s your only recourse

A good workers' compensation attorney in your corner is your best bet for a fair settlement. Most importantly, a workers' compensation lawyer is most essential when your claim is denied.

There are multitudes of reasons an insurance company might deny your claim. Under such circumstances, the workers’ compensation system is your best chance to appeal your case.

While this process is different in each state, you’ll have to file formal paperwork, use legal mechanisms to cull evidence, and present your case at a hearing. This requires extensive legal expertise to navigate and give yourself a fighting chance.

In fact, many legitimate claims are dismissed because insurance companies are confident workers will not appeal. Unfortunately, without legal counsel, this presumption is often correct. However, with Mishra X Trial Lawyers, you’re assured to get the settlement you deserve.

It’s your only defense when you're unable to work

Unfortunately, many workplace accidents directly affect your ability to work. If you’ve incurred an injury that impacts your work capacity, hiring workers' compensation legal representation in Southern California is essential to get everything you’re owed.

A qualified attorney maximizes the benefits for which you’re eligible. During such tumultuous times, thinking years in advance is often impossible, and yet necessary. A good attorney will ensure your settlement is structured with long-lasting benefits for your future.

For example, changing careers isn’t easy. Accounting for things like training to transition to a new field is crucial for your future well-being. Whether the disability is partial or total, you’re entitled to weekly payments or one sizable lump sum to compensate for lost wages.

These cases are expensive for insurance companies. They’ll relentlessly deny what you’re entitled to. Without expert counsel like what we provide at Mishra X Trial Lawyers, you’re ill-equipped. Ultimately, it’s a disservice to your future self.

It’s the only way to avoid compromise and sacrifice

Filing for workers' compensation claims is already complicated enough. However, if you’re already receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, this complicates things further and makes workers' compensation legal representation in Southern California essential.

While preexisting conditions shouldn’t disqualify you from receiving benefits, this claim can have far-reaching consequences if you don’t accept legal counsel. Insurance companies and employers often take every advantage to deny what you’re owed.

SSDI benefits can even be reduced when filing for workers’ compensation benefits. It’s important to remember the scope of this injury. It’s not just momentary. In the future, you may need extensive medical help. It’s important to ensure that’s taken care of with your settlement.

Your settlement can have major consequences on your SSDI. However, with an experienced attorney like we have at Mishra X Trial Lawyers, we guarantee you’ll be taken care of. We know their moves before they do.

Schedule a consultation now to get what you’re owed!

If you were recently injured and need workers' compensation legal representation in Southern California, Mishra X Trial Lawyers is the premier firm at your disposal. We’re a step ahead, every step of the way. Schedule a consultation now.